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Cafe Terrace 8.9

Enjoy a quiet moment of relaxation while gazing at the beautiful sea and quiet port at Doldam B&B's Cafe Terrace 8.9. During the day,   You can spend time relaxing while listening to the quiet sounds of birds, wind, and a gentle breeze. And you will end your day watching a breathtaking sunset.

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How to Enjoy the Lounge " Cafe Terrace 8.9"

1. To Enjoy a Peaceful & Slow Breakfast 

     - Home Baking Vegan Bread,  Green Salad from Kitchen Garden. etc
2. To Work while listening to the sound of waves and birds
3. To have  wine while watching a breathtakingly beautiful sunset
4. To  Use as a conference room equipped with equipment (If you reserve the entire house, you can use the cafe space as a group discussion or conference room. Of course, equipment such as a projector is provided free of charge.)

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